Sunday, June 1, 2014

Farm School

There is something fascinating to young children about tall grass. Here some has been made into a crown for the Queen of the Farm.

Farmer Betsey showed us how her potatoes were growing.

We planted pumpkin seeds.

These will be put in the greenhouse to grow, and when they are ready we will plant them in the field.

The last Farm School day we brought the Dolphin class. The Orcas were the teachers.

We tasted some sugar snap peas in the field.


Time for a little free play in the tall grassy field,

and some rough housing!

The Orcas all had Dolphin partners to help on the farm.

After the Dolphins left, the Orcas planted some flower seeds.

These flowers will bring the pollinators to the farm and help our plants grow.

We made sure to give them some water. All living things need water.

We couldn't resist taking off our shirts to play in the sun. Skin feels so good!

Our skin felt good against Lucy Dog, who came to pick up her girl from the farm.

Father and son, skin to skin.

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